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Speaking of schools

For President Obama’s 2010 education speech, the ears of many educators and students throughout the nation were tuned in. (Oh, the drama of putting schoolwork aside on a school day to watch television -wow!)

While many younger students may not grasp the significance of the U.S. Department of Education asking America’s educators and students to watch TV, the precedence of Obama’s education speech makes some folks nervous, as though the current White House administration has some “hidden agenda”.

After all, in an era of partisan politics, it would be easy for a commander-in chief to influence the next of generation voters to accept his party’s policies in the future.

Yet it is imperative that young people understand the importance of quality education on their future. Personally, I have two teenage grls at home who can’t seem to understand the necessity and advantages of learning advanced subjects that they don’t think will have a bearing on their future.

I suspect that maybe there are more sinister reasons for those educators who don’t agree with giving President Barack Obama the time to address education concerns in the most conventional forum and those parents who think it’s a bad idea. Maybe these educators are the people with hidden agendas.

If you missed it, watch the President’s speech below. Is there a “hidden agenda”?

Local Biz Rising From Ruins

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Whoever says New Orleans area people don’t work hard is really out of touch and needs to take a look at how small businesses are “Rising From Ruins“, the story of New Orleans’ business owners post-Katrina and the struggles they face as they try to rebuild.

In celebration of Labor Day, we salute these and other local small businesses who fortify the economy with grassroots dollars. Dollars don’t grow on trees, they grow from the ground up.

Happy Labor Day

New Orleans Cops Not Only Ones Guilty Of Bridge Shootings

Anyone ever read an article (published in “The Nation“) called “Blackwater Down“? A friend asked – no, insisted -that I check into this story a few years ago somewhere between when Katrina was still fresh in our minds & the time I started this website. It was a longshot story, about what may have really happened on a certain bridge in New Orleans east in the chaotic days after the levees broke.

My friend is a filmmaker, cameraman, & producer – a longtime associate, who was working for major news outlets in the aftermath of Katrina (and I think he said he was nearby). This seemed to be one of the experiences that bothered him most, one of those memories you just can’t shake that leaves unanswered questions that follow you to the grave. So, yeah, right…sure..I told him, I would, & get back at him with some thoughts.

What I read in the article in the “Nation” had me speechless:

A Blackwater security agent named Michael Montgomery who said he came under fire after Hurricane Katrina from “black gangbangers” on an overpass near a poor Ninth Ward neighborhood “returned fire.”

“Montgomery says he and his men, armed with AR-15s and Glocks, unleashed a barrage of bullets in the general direction of the alleged shooters on the overpass.” According to the “Nation” article, Montgomery said, “After that, all I heard was moaning and screaming, and the shooting stopped. That was it. Enough said.”

Being a master procrastinator, the KatrinaConnection editor waited, with questions pounding in my mind. Was that overpass the Danziger Bridge? The day a fateful day in 2005? A day when innocent hurricane Katrina survivors were killed and wounded on that bridge?

What really happened on the bridge that day? Could it have been Blackwater security shooting at the cops? Or the cops thinking it was the innocent levee break survivalists? Anyone get the eerie feeling that the NOPD fits in this picture somehow, or that these Blackwater guys fit into the Danziger 7 case?