Monthly Archives: November 2009

Rebirth Drummer Tabb Gets CNN’s Attention

Derrick Tabb, the Rebirth Brass Band drummer, is generating buzz for his “Roots of Music” mentoring program, which brings instruments, tutoring, and music education to New Orleans area kids, some still traumatized by the effects of Hurricane Katrina.

Derrick is in the top ten nominated for the annual CNN Heroes Award. He faces some tough competition ranging from a Miami nurse/breast cancer survivor who operates a mobile mammography van providing free screenings to a Filipino teenager fighting to give his peers alternatives to gangs through education.

A total of 28 nominees from around the world are in the running, championing community causes, homelessness, health, and the environment, and more. Cast your vote for Katrina survivor Derrick Tabb here:

Ida Thought You Were Leaving

As Hurricane Ida reminds us, where we choose to work, pray, play and to call home can be a perilous area, even in November.

Along the awe-inspiring coast of the Gulf of Mexico, millions of Americans enjoy pleasures like coastal breezes, outstanding food, fishing, boating, and many other unique amenities of life.

But (the word that’s always in the back of our minds), no matter where you choose to live, there always will loom the possibility of disaster albiet catastrophe.

The unexpected fire, unprecedented blizzard, unparalelled earthquake, or the monumental flood just hasn’t happened yet.

Emergency experts say the key to survival is preparation. And, as Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Gustav, Ike and others before have taught us, prayer, vigilance, preserverance, and resilency are just as important. Some folks have it, and some don’t.

I’m not knocking those waiting for the next disaster so that they can give up on the place they were born, or who no longer want to call the Gulf Coast home. But (the word again), for some of us – NO, we’re not leaving – at least not until the next mandatory evacuation followed by the predicted doomsday scenario, when the forces of nature force us out.