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New Orleans Gustav Evacuee Registration System Crashes, Tourists Ordered To Leave Today

In his latest news conference at 12:15 p.m. today, Mayor Ray Nagin said the city’s registration system for Hurricane Gustav evacuees crashed, Amtrak took 1600 people on its inaugural evacuee trip, and tourists were ordered to leave the city. He also said a mandatory evacuation order may come either at 8:00 a.m. or at 8:00 p.m. on tomorrow.

The City of New Orleans is trying to put it’s best foot forward, in safety’s best interest, by initiating “assisted evacuation” measures that should have been in place and should have took place as Hurricane Katrina took aim at the city.

Thousands of Katrina survivors are boarding buses at pickup points around the city for transport to the Union Passenger Terminal and to board buses bound for specific places like Shreveport, Monroe, or Alexandria, LA., or Memphis Tennessee.

The city had a system in place to register everybody boarding the buses (I guess too many people got by without being registered) so he said the system’s been suspended at the boarding points, but they’ll be registered on arrival wherever they end up.

He also said an Amtrak train carrying 1600 had been sent to Memphis, and said it’s “time for us to shut the tourists activity down” to give the city’s services free to serve citizens.

Hurricane Gustav is closing in on the Gulf, and fears are that it will slam into Louisiana as a monstrous Category 4 hurricane.

Don’t Even THINK About It!

Hurricane Gustav 11AM Saturday, 8-28-2008Take the bus, go by car, but boating is not advised, as Katrina survivors on the Gulf Coast start leaving home for parts unknown. Here we go again. Paying the cost to live in America’s most unique city or the beautiful Gulf Coast.

Whatever the case, most of us love where we live, and don’t really want to live anywhere else. And we pay the price, in losses from hurricanes – utterly destructive forces of nature that threaten all coasts of this country, that are called cyclones when on the west coast.

Other kinds disasters, like wildfires, tidal waves, or landslides, can strike anywhere, and you can’t always predict them, as with hurricanes, so at least we have warning systems in place, to give us time to think.

And thinking ahead is a key to avoiding a disaster. We’ve got to think of what we’ll do in case of a hurricane BEFORE it hits. So – don’t even THINK about hunkering down and going without power or water for at least a few days. The one thing you don’t need to think about is whether or not to evacuate when advised to do so.

With law enforcement in place to prevent looting in New Orleans and surrounding areas, the shameful stuff we saw after Hurricane Katrina won’t be seen this time. Besides, anyone found outside in these areas will be arrested, reportedly to be taken straight to the infamous Angola State Prison for booking. And Hurricane Gustav looks like it’s gonna be such a threat that it’s not worth taking a chance for anybody except first responders to stay behind…don’t even THINK about it!

New Orleans Cancels Third Anniversary Katrina Events

New Orleans has cancelled a Katrina third anniversary jazz funeral procession down Canal Street this morning and the candlelight vigil scheduled tonight, but there’s still going to be a burial ceremony at the new Katrina Memorial at the old Charity Hospital cemetery on Canal Blvd., starting at 8:40 a.m. and bell-ringing from 9:38 a.m. to 9:40 a.m. to signify the levee breaks.

No FEMA News

As the City of New Orleans, State of Louisiana, State of Mississippi, and the rest of the Gulf Coast – still already ravaged by Hurricane Katrina three years ago – prepares to defy yet another tempest of the sea called Gustav, FEMA has issued no public media statements regarding the impending threat.

Is this just a repeat performance or a deliberate, calculated step in introducing the Gulf Coast to the new “FEMA of 2008?”

Who? Not ME!

I checked out the old Craiglist Katrina board, and I am pissed off. It seems some peeps still think ALL of us Katrina people got these big checks for $5000 or 2000 or whatever. Not true! And that’s jus ONE of the stupid things people think about us. Seems like we are outkasts in some places. Not ALL Katrina survivers are moochers and thugs!

Katrina Volunteer Has Mysterious Illness

A Syracuse, New York man, who two years ago reportedly left home as a healthy young man returned home after three months with second and third degree sunburn, and later began suffering seizures.

According to a CBS-WTVH (Syracuse) news report, 20 year-old Robert Dings is an invalid in a nursing home who can’t talk, walk, and has to be tube-fed. His family is facing years of medical billls and believe he got some kind of toxic disease while working as a volunteer in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. watch the video on

His family asks anyone who might know someone who got sick while volunteering in New Orleans, or anyone who can help, to contact them. They can be reached through the tv station at (315) 477-4633.

Meanwhile, in New Orleans, Tulane University professor Henry Glindmeyer is leading a 5-year study of a phenomenon called Katrina Cough that was initially linked to residual damage caused by Hurricane Katrina, the ensuing floods and weeks of standing water.

They will determine if there are breathing and lung problems over the long-term from post-hurricane conditions such as flooding, stagnant water, dust and mold. Each volunteer will answer a questionnaire, undergo a non-invasive annual breathing test and wear a monitor for five or six hours to detect workplace exposure to dust, bacteria and mold.

A New Orleans Times-Picayune news report said that an earlier study based on emergency room visits found the degree of patient problems with respiratory ailments were generally no worse than for the overall U.S. population. To contact the researchers, e-mail or call 504-988-3846.

Right Now

WHEW!…..I’ve missed you! And I’m missing you….RIGHT NOW!

The last two months have been rough for this website. It all started when somebody with too much time on their hands – more than I have, anyway – sat down and wrote what’s called malicious code into the internet, looking for vulnerabilities in websites to send false search results, disrupt connections, and lower other peoples’ internet rankings.

The Katrina Connection Network, which is actually three websites in one and quite a few computers in my little apartment, was affected by these “bugs”. Sometimes, you just couldn’t get to the blog. Then, came up in search results for certain products we wouldn’t dare sell. In fact, KatrinaConnection, a non-profit incorporated right here in Louisiana, has nothing for sale.

Well, I found the codes, added even more security, rebuilt the network databases, and added other features these past two months. I hope your cruise through the KC Network is smooth right now. Write now, on the blog, or by e-mail to, with your ideas, suggestions, comments, or stories.

The Katrina Connection Network has almost a dozen security walls, bridges, and fences installed across the network to protect your security and mine. The internet will always have those who try, for no sane reason, to exploit or manipulate it – a “control the internet and control the world” mentality.

With close to 40,000 hits since starting out in February this year, the KC blog has attracted increasing interest and experienced many growing pains while bringing info and views affecting Hurricane Katrina and Rita survivors.

Thanks to people like you, this young website network is now ranking close to the top 1 million among the top 1 million websites in the world by Alexa, with a Google PageRank of 4 (out of ten) and climbing. That shows you’re interested. And I want to keep you coming back.

The goal is to make a premier internet destination for the thousands of surviovrs of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita – the storms that changed our lives forever.

And I’m missing all my friends and family, now living in other parts of Louisiana and in Tennessee, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, California, Colorado, Arkansas, Alabama, Washington, New York, and especially my nephew in the Saudi Arabian desert (much love)!

So, right now, c’mon, everybody – all you Katrina survivors – WRITE NOW, on the latest WordPress platform blog! Let me know where u at.

The Doctor Is Pissed

The New Orleans Ambassador of “musicnology” – Dr. John – is pissed off, and for good reason. One of the many reasons Katrina Connection was started was us being pissed off at internet hustlers for the same reason.

It seems ever since the storm that tore our lives apart, people have been conspiring to just make money off the disaster. A review of his latest album “City That Care Forgot” says Dr. John “directs his anger at the White House, the mayor and police force of New Orleans, insurance companies, crooked, thieving contractors/roofers and everyone else making money off the Katrina disaster”.

Yeah, you right! Play that funky music, Doc!