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93 Year Old Man Missing Since Hurricane Isaac

Antoine Edmond

Antoine Edmond

St. Charles Parish authorities have issued a reminder to the public that they are still seeking info on the whereabouts of Antoine Edmond, a 93 year-old man who was last seen on August 26, 2012, as Hurricane Isaac made its way toward the coast of Louisiana. Mr. Edmond, who lived at 274 Magnolia Ridge in Boutte, Louisiana, suffers from Alzheimer’s disease and was last seen wearing a red shirt, blue jeans, and no shoes. The St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office first issued a missing person report in August, but wants to remind the public that he is still unaccounted for.

Anyone with any information on Antoine Edmond is asked to contact Detective Lance Richards with the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office at 985-783-6807.

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Are Seniors At Risk In Hurricane Season?

Are seniors at risk in hurricane season?.

St. Bernardians relocated to MS

We are a retired couple from Violet. LA who had to relocate to Brandon MS and we wondered how many more of us are out there. One of our sons went back home to live in our house because his was demolished. One son relocated to Madison MS, and one is still in school. We are middle income retired and have purchased a home close to the Dogwood Mall. If anyone from our parish is in the same situation and would like to communicate, please respond

Looking for Lost Family in New Orleans

A reader from Colorado recently sent the following request. If you can help please register and post a reply or e-mail

Hi this is an S.O.S for I am looking for lost family and I am hoping that maybe you all can help me find them.. It starts like this my Mom Dixie Daugherty(Sluder) had an Aunt named Jean Daugherty (McLean) she was about 16-17 when she left home and moved down to New Olreans. Jean also had a daughter named Cherry Blossom Mclean and when Cherry was 16 she was using the last name Bango. When Cherry was 17-18 she had a little boy named Leo Bango Zigman. Cherry was born either in 1926-27 just here in the past few months someone told us that there is a Leo Bango Jackson that lives close to Cherry B Jackson 81 and her husband 80. We have been searching for Cherry for months and months we have pictures of her and Leo when he was 6 yrs old in 1951..Cherry’s adopted mom my cousin Jean was born in 1895 she’s dead now but we need to know where she’s buried and Cherry would know..Can you please help me? I know that Cherry B Jackson was and still is in New Orleans somewhere alon!g with her son Leo, he should be about 64 now…We have tried and tried to find her and I even placed an ad in Craigslist for New Orleans hoping someone would see my S.O.S I know that they are survivors of Katrina and I know that my cousin never left La she loved it there…Let me know something anything…

Katrina Survivor Vows To Return

A Katrina survivor recently sent this e-mail:

When the levees broke I was watching cnn in a motel outside of jacksonville, fl. I was living in biloxi for the past two years and thought n.o. was ok. I was worried about my “home away from home”.Then all hell broke loose when i found out the levees breached. My family all lived in arabi/st.bernard parish. Most evacuated but I wasn’t sure which ones stayed, if any. No connection with anyone for days. The longest 5 days of my life. I even called cnn for days leaving messages for someone to rescue my people in da parish. All they showed was the 9th ward. I didn’t know if anyone was there to help them. Most were ok. My aunt drowned. I’m thankful she was the only one that was there. Then the day Rita hit, my grandmother passed away. She was in southwest la in a shelter. We suspect she quit taking her medication. She couldn’t go through another storm. Now I live in long island, ny (lucky me) and don’t know when I’ll come home. I miss it dearly. There is no soul and no spirit here. N.O. is really a one of a kind place and I’m so proud to have been born and raised there. Now I make sure I cook my gumbo, red beans, crawfish pies (yes you can get frozen cra!wfish up here), and shrimp creole. We are a dying breed and I feel obligated to keep up the tradition for my children who won’t get the pleasure of growing up in n.o. I did have the pleasure of attending the last two mardi gras. This year I won’t be able to because of the date being so early. Its gonna KILL me not to be there. I’ll watch as much as I can on tv. I’ll be back soon before they demolish my childhood home in arabi. Everytime I’ve been there to see my old neighborhood, I make sure I take my Xanax. I’m also on anti-depressants. I’ve taken them for ten years but since Katrina I take ALOT more. So I’m kind of numb when I visit but I walk around with that knot in my stomach every day. I know you all know that feeling too well. God bless everyone and good luck!! I WILL return! No doubt about it! I was born in n.o. and I plan on dying there too. Til then its a waiting game. By LOST IN N.Y.