FEMA Elevation Funding Available Through Road Home
FEMA funding being called largest single elevation program in history

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UPDATED (May 25, 2008):
Homeowners who think they are eligible to receive elevation assistance and have not received a letter or
who need more information about the Road Home Elevation Incentive or the HMGP Elevation Program
should call the Elevation Technical Assistance Hotline at 877-234-1513.

Road Home applicants must return their forms indicating interest in both the Road Home Elevation
Incentive and the HMGP Elevation Award by June 16, 2008, or they will not receive funds to raise their

NEW ORLEANS (May 14, 2008) -- Louisiana will undertake the largest single home elevation project in
American history, for hurricane survivors to make their homes in  hurricane and flood-prone areas safer,
stronger and smarter. FEMA  just approved over $96.5 million in Hazard Mitigation Grant Program
(HMGP) funding to elevate nearly 3,000 homes devastated by hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

This grant is the first in a series being made available to Louisiana by FEMA. The goal  is to elevate or
reconstruct more than 20,000 buildings in harm's way throughout Louisiana.  The state has asked for
$750 million in federal funds to help.

LRA and OCD Executive Director Paul Rainwater. “By providing this additional elevation money to
homeowners, we are able to help alleviate the financial burden associated with mitigation and
homeowners are in turn able to protect their homes from future storms.”

The program is working along with the Road Home program. Road Home applicants whose actual
elevation costs exceed whaat they received from Road Home may be eligible for the additional funding.
The program awards a maximum of $30,000 to eligible applicants for elevation. The grant is directed
towards homeowners not already participating in the prograam through their parish.

To participate in the program, homeowners must return letters mailed from the Road Home program
indicating that they want to raise their homes through the program. So far, more than 100,000 eligible
homeowners have received letters announcing that funds are available to assist with elevation, and more
than 12,000 have indicated interest. The state expects to start sending the first checks out to
homeowners in early fall of 2008, after hiring a contractor to manage the programs.

A congressionally mandated study done for FEMA showed that mitigation saves the nation an average of
$4 for every dollar spent. Defensive, preventative measures learned and implemented by hurricane
survivors will contribute to national flood plain management that saves taxpayers an estimated $1.1 billion
a year through flood prevention.

Road Home Sending Elevation Checks To Homeowners       
Send Letters Back To Road Home For Elevation Grants

NEW ORLEANS, La. (APRIL 10, 2008) -- Louisiana has begun paying elevation checks through the
Road Home program, and is encouraging homeowners to return commitment letters, just six weeks after
announcing it was reactivating its elevation program and speeding the process of getting aid by forgoing
calculations and offering a flat amount for elevation.

So far, more than 2,000 people have returned the letters indicating that they want to participate in the
program. The state estimates 35,000 to 40,000 people will elect to participate in the elevation program,
but they must return the commitment letter.

Louisiana put its elevation program on hold in April 2007 after serving 2,000 homeowners due to
concerns over potential shortfalls in the Road Home budget. The LRA and the Office of Community
Development announced in February 2008 that the state was reactivating the program and notifying
homeowners who qualified for elevation awards by letter.

Homeowners will receive standard elevation amounts through the Road Home program, based on the
type of home they have. For site-built homes and modular homes, up to $30,000, and for mobile homes,
up to $20,000.

Compensation through the Road Home is capped at $150,000. Homeowners who have already closed on
their Road Home grants will receive elevation funds as a second disbursement. Those who have not
closed will receive elevation funds during their Road Home closing. Homeowners with questions should
contact their Road Home Personal Applicant Liaison.

FEMA Offers Retroactive Funding to Property Owners

Residential or commercial property owners who have already begun or completed work such as elevation
or reconstruction to their structures damaged by hurricanes Katrina or Rita may be eligible for FEMA
retroactive hazard mitigation funding for elevation, provided that they meet all requirements.

This applies to property owners who completed or started mitigation work on their property by March
16, 2008 and whose properties are identified as eligible for elevation through the Road Home program or
included in an HMGP application proposed by a parish and submitted to the Governor's Office of
Homeland Security.

Residential, commercial and non-historic public and nonprofit facilities that had not started or completed
mitigation work by March 16, 2008 may still remain eligible for funding. Owners who have not started or
completed mitigation before then have to wait for FEMA review and approval prior to initiating work. All
properties, including those as part of this limited exception, must meet all other HMGP requirements.

Funding for historic properties depends on who owns it. Historic properties owned by public agencies
and nonprofit organizations are not eligible if the project was not started or completed by January 16,
2008. Properties owned by private individuals may still be eligible  if a project was started or completed
by March 16, 2008.
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