New Orleans Rappers say "STOP THE VIOLENCE"!
   Popular Local Rap Artists Take Part In New Orleans Rally
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NEW ORLEANS - When Baby Boy Da Prince, The Gotti Boys, Fifth Ward Weezy, DJ Jubilee, Hot Boy
Ronald, and over a dozen other Louisiana rappers gather in one place and take turns performing, it's got to be
a special day.

Yes, it was Margaret Johnston's birthday. The weather, a heartwarming 60 degrees under sunny skies. But it
was also a block party, a tribute, and a rally - a call to stop the violence in New Orleans.

In the upper Ninth Ward of the city, on the west side of the infamous shipping channel that was breached
after hurricane Katrina, is another historic section of a historic town.

At the corner of Desire and Law Streets, the infectious spirit of rap music permeated the air, drowning out -
if just for a moment - the aromas of fried fish, fried chicken & barbecue wafting through the air from food
wagons and the decay of a neighborhood.

Popular local radio disc jockey Wild Wayne, along with co-hosts and other deejays, managed to keep the
flow of live entertainers rolling virtually non-stop during a seven hour event on January 12.

Ms. Johnston, organizer of the event, is an outspoken community activist with a bubbly personality.
Networking her way through more than 200 young and elderly spectators on hand for what was billed as a
"Stop the Violence" party in the Ninth Ward she said "I'm an activist, and my key word is 'believe'...I put this
all together on my own because I don't like working with groups. The groups I've seen are all talk and not
enough action. Whatever I do, I do on my own."

It was a day of tribute to Margaret Johnston's son, Chivas Doyle, known as "Big Tank", owner of an
entertainment label by that name who would have been 25 years old. He was killed in his FEMA trailer on
January 13, 2007 - two days after his birthday -  and the day after his mother's. His killer has not yet been

Part of the modern culture of New Orleans is a birthday commemoration celebration. Ms Johnston is hoping
someone comes forward and requested that Katrina Connection publish her phone number and e-mail address
so that anyone can contact her with any information.

Exhibitors, among them the American Red Cross, the Urban Entrepreneur Partnership (UEP) Gulf Coast,
EPCO Construction Company, along with a non-profit collective called Iron Rail Bookstore & Library, had
tables set up with representatives distributing literature.

The UEPGC encourages entrepreneurship & business development. Epco Construction was on hand to
showcase it's sponsorship of a $100,000 house as grand prize in an essay contest for children. Dual
spacewalks set up on a lot where a house once stood served as activity for an excited mob of small children.

Each rap artist performed their signature hits, among them Baby Boy Da Prince and his crew drawing cheers
of delight on "This is the Way I Live", and Hot Boy Ronald doing his namesake hit song. Several performers
as well as New Orleans city councilman James Carter urged attendees to "Stop the violence", with a few
rappers denouncing violence and others even adding lyrics which alluded to an end to the senseless murders
that take place regularly in the city. New Orleans post-Katrina remains among the most violent cities in

Margaret Johnston can be reached at (504)616-5732 or by e-mail at
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Rap artist Baby Boy Da Prince and crew perform in New Orleans on 1-12-2008 at Stop the Violence party
Margaret Johnston, organizer of Stop the Violence party
Space Walks on empty lot between two houses in New Orleans
Red Cross table at Stop the Violence party in New Orleans 1-12-2007
Rap artist Hot Boy Ronald performs in New Orleans at Stop the Violence party
Rapper performing at Stop the Violence party in New Orleans
Spectators watching rapper Baby Boy Da Prince at Stop the Violence party in New Orleans
"It's about more than just a hurricane"
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FEMA Trailers in St. Bernard, LA 12-2007  (katrina connection photo)