Here, we highlight distinctive, diverse neighborhoods that have always played a part in making New Orleans
& the Gulf Coast unique! Send an e-mail request to, and we'll gladly link
to your neighborhood organization.


UPTOWN                                                                                                                                DOWNTOWN

                                                                                                                            WEST BANK

NORTH SHORE                                                                                                                   MIDCITY

NINTH WARD                                                                                                                     NEW ORLEANS EAST

ST BERNARD PARISH                                                                                                      KENNER


finding loved ones Marerro, LA, 2006
"It's good to be home"
secondline sunday 12-2-2007
Mardi Gras Parade photo by
       Neighborhood Network Weaves A Fine Multi-Cultural Robe
Unique neighborhoods, music, and food - all as diverse as day and night - are all part of  what makes
New Orleans what it is. Like some rare fabric woven into a Joseph-like robe to be worn on stage for
a forever-curious nation, the neighborhoods of New Orleans carry virtues true to every close-knit
society. They are the threads needed to recreate a very great city.

Part of that job lies with the
Neighborhood Partnership Network (NPN), which since 2006 has served
as a kind of seamstress working to complete an outfit for a big event, grasping the post-Katrina atmos-
phere of hopelessness, giving residents a vision or hope of what could and should be done in any
ravaged city in the world.

Connecting with over 50 New Orleans neighborhood associations, a print and online newsletter called
"The Trumpet", monthly forums, workshops, & training for neighborhood activists and leaders, the
NPN brings together everyday citizens, volunteers, organizations, business people, & government for
collaboration and community empowerment.

NPN has held annual "Trumpet Awards" and "Toast To New Orleans Neighborhoods"
ceremonies to honor several community citizens, businesses, &organizations. and also hosted a "Festival of Neighborhoods", where
residents are encouraged to showcase their community contributions and share information, featuring music, dozens of
neighborhood and charitable organizations, food booths, & kiddie activities.

For more information please vvisit the
Neighborhoods Partnership Network website
Festival of Neighborhoods, New Orleans 2008 (photo by
Free Agents Brass Band performs at Festival of Neighborhoods  2008 New Orleans (photo by
Free Agents Brass Band
FEMA Trailers in St. Bernard, LA 12-2007  (katrina connection photo)
"It's About More Than Just A Hurricane!"
Desire neighborhood sign after Hurricane Katrina
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