Metairie Construction Company Owner
            Kept A Multi-Million Dollar Secret

METAIRIE, LA (May 8, 2008) -- A 73 year-old Metairie Katrina survivor who owns a construction
company went four months carrying a secret. Finally, Carl Hunter, of Metairie has claimed a $97
million Powerball jackpot for the Jan. 16 drawing - the largest single amount won in Louisiana
Lottery history. The winning numbers were 9-18-19-38-47. The Powerball was 11.

Hunter was picking up a gallon of milk for his wife Dianne when he decided to get a  Powerball
"quick pick" at a Shell service station on West Metairie Avenue west of New Orleans, which
received a one-time bonus of $25,000 for selling Hunter his winning ticket. "I just happened to be in
the right place at the right time," he said.

Some Metairie area Katrina survivors had speculated that the winner who eluded identity the past
few months was probably some wayward traveler or visitor just blowing through on the interstate,
(only five minutes away from the store), instead of a still-in-recovery hurricane survivor.

Hunter told lottery officials he wanted to make sure his outstanding jobs were complete before
"closing up shop" to redeem his winning ticket.  He said he plans to use his winnings to retire, travel
and rebuild a camp he lost during Hurricane Katrina.

The Powerball jackpot is advertised as a 30-installment annuity, but winners can choose to receive
the cash value instead. Hunter chose the one-time cash payment option - $48,478,863 -  or
$33,935,204 after federal and state taxes.

This latest winning ticket brings the total number of Powerball jackpot winning tickets sold in
Louisiana to 12 since the Lottery joined the multistate game in 1995.

Up to now, the largest Powerball jackpot won in Louisiana had been a $48.1 million prize claimed
by Jerry Berggren and Cathy DeMuynck of Kenner in March, 2002. The Powerball jackpot was last
won in Louisiana was on Sept. 29, 2007, when William Heid Jr. of Chauvin, won $15 million.

Source: Louisiana Lottery
Carl and Dianne Hunter with Louisiana Lottery officials (photo credits-Louisiana Lottery)
                  Katrina Survivor Wins Lottery
                             Prize In Tennessee
                                   St. Bernard survivor wants to go back home   

NASHVILLE (April 24, 2008) -- Tammy Gillespie a St. Bernard parish hurricane Katrina survivor
living in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, cried tears of joy Tuesday evening after learning she won
$20,000 by entering a Tennessee Lottery second-chance drawing.

“You’re serious? You have no idea what this means!” Ms. Gillespie, 38, told Rebecca Hargrove,
President and CEO of the lottery, during a surprise phone call Ms. Hargrove made to share the good
news. “We’re Katrina survivors and we’re trying to go back home. I just can’t even believe this is
happening to me …Tennessee has been so good to us!”

Ms. Gillespie who is married and has three children was just one of 18 winners who won a share of
more than $679,000 in cash by entering non-winning instant tickets into “Play it Again!”, one of the
Lottery’s second-chance drawing programs.
"It's about more than just a hurricane"
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