Louisiana To Get Part of $85 Million In Katrina Goods
                                Cache to be distributed by non-profit group UNITY

BATON ROUGE, La. (June 19, 2008) -- The Louisiana Recovery Authority announced that it has
requested some of the $85 million in unused FEMA supplies in Texas that were intended for Hurricanes
Katrina and Rita survivors and brought to light last week by a
CNN news report.

UNITY New Orleans, a non-profit that's working with the homeless and helping Katrina survivors
re-establish their homes, had asked for and will distribute the surplus goods, which had been given to
other states since Hurricane Katrina.

In a statement, LRA Director Paul Rainwater said the state and LRA "will move to quickly get these
supplies in the hands of those who need them. We will also be informing non-profits about how to
access such supplies (in the future) so that we can all better serve our citizens who are struggling to
rebuild their lives."

Louisiana's protocol for handling such FEMA supplies consists of oversight by making sure federal
supplies either in FEMA's possession now or given to the General Services Administration (GSA) for
excess purposes meant for Katrina and Rita survivors are distributed to agencies and nonprofit
organizations assisting survivors.

The LRA will be the lead agency working with FEMA and GSA when property becomes available for
Louisiana that could assist disaster victims with their recovery.

Also, the LRA will select a nonprofit organization to formally survey groups working with hurricane
survivors about their needs for supplies. In July, the state will send this list of unmet resources to FEMA
and GSA.

The LRA additionally will work with federal and state agencies to coordinate outreach sessions around
the state to educate non-profits and agencies working with hurricane survivors on how to access these
supplies in the future.

See: 'FEMA gives away $85 million of supplies for Katrina victims' on CNN.COM
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