FEMA Trailers in St. Bernard, LA 12-2007  (katrina connection photo)
             Katrina Connection Collection
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Many East, Gulf Coast Residents Won't Evacuate For A Major Hurricane

Orleans Begins Enforcing Trailer Housing Ordinance

Louisiana Locates Katrina Surplus Goods

New Orleans Red Light Cameras

Feds Get First Road Home Fraud Indictment

Two More Indicted In Levee Contract Scheme

Four Sentenced In Disaster Unemployment Theft

Alabama's Black Belt Housing Program

Katrina Survivor Wins $97 Million

Stimulus Plan Info And Timetable

Sean Penn Leads Dirty Hands To K-Ville

Katrina Survivors NACA Home Ownership Initiative

Housing Activists In New Orleans Want Your Attention

New Orleans Among Top Ten In Metro Growth

HUD Survey Of Public Housing Residents

Harlem Globetrotters Katrina Survivors

                                        2007 ARCHIVES

Craigslist Users Blast New Orleans And Survivors

What Do The Homeless Do At Christmas?

New Orleans City Council Housing Demolitions Protest

America's View Of New Orleans

Purple and Gold, Black and Gold, Pink and the Blues

                                EVENTS ARCHIVES

ACORN's First Rebuilding Fair

Louisiana Crawfish Fest Returns To St. Bernard Civic Center

New Orleans Area Gets Its Irish On

Mardi Gras Indian Uptown Super Sunday 2008

Tavis Smiley's 2008 State of the Black Union

Nagin asks "What King Would Say About Katrina?" On MLK Day

New Orleans Rappers Take Part In "Stop The Violence" Party
krvexpress FEMA trailer (photo by katrinaconnection.com)
Louisiana Lottery Winners (photo courtesy LA.Lottery Corp)
Harlem Globetrotters photo
Brad Pitt's pink tents (photo by katrinaconnection.com)
New Orleans City Council protest (photo by KC)
Baby Boy Da Prince (photo by katrinaconnection.com
Mardi Gras Indian (photo Copyright 2008 by katrinaconnection.com)
St. Bernard Housing Project
St' Pat's parade, New Orleans (photo by KC)
New Orleans City Council Demolitions protest (photo by KC)
Hurricane Ike (NOAA photo)
"It's About More Than Just A Hurricane!"
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