"Kingfish"Actor Sean Penn Brings
                     Busloads To Jazz Fest
Activist actor leading "Dirty Hands Caravan"

UPDATED (MAY 25, 2008):
Last reports from the  Dirty Hands Caravan on dosomething.org indicated that
several members of the Caravan had decided to remain in New Orleans. Due to
spiritual intervention, a miraculous thing happened since the original time of this
report, and the group has been personally located by Katrina Connection, with
updates in the

For other current or future updates go to www.dirtyhandscaravan.blogspot.com/

NEW ORLEANS (April 28, 2008) -- While it's a catalyst for economics, the New Orleans Jazz Fest is
just one of many events at which hurricane Katrina survivors scattered around the world can view
days of live performances.

Oscar-winning actor and activist Sean Penn made appearances in the desert Sunday during what a
New York Times music writer calls the "country's banner alternative rock music festival" - the
Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, in Indio,California.

On stage at Coachella, the 47-year old Penn asked young people to get involved in politics and causes.
On Monday, he started an 1800-mile trek with activists on bio-diesel buses in a "Dirty Hands Caravan"
headed for New Orleans Jazz Fest, on a mission to encourage individuals to take individual actions.
Reports on the number of travelers in the group range from 120 to 175. Originally it was announced
that up to 300 would take the ride.

Of young people he recruited to join him, Penn said "We're providing the wheels, and they're going to
show us how to take the ride. I believe they are capable of engaging independently of their friends,
their political party, or an established coalition."

The riders are encouraged to get involved by building houses for the homeless, protesting the war in
Iraq while supporting the needs of veterans and their families, caring for the sick or needy, cleaning up
parks or neighborhoods across America, taking part in clean water initiatives for foreign lands or
engaging in whatever way they feel compelled to help others.

As the three food-fed buses make their way across the country, members of the Caravan are being
offered opportunities to volunteer on behalf of established local organizations. To offer inspiration, the
Caravan is making  stops at campgrounds where individuals have the chance to hear from musicians,
activists, artists, filmmakers and guest speakers offering ideas on how to stand up for what you believe
in and effectively implement those ideas.

The first stop of the caravan was on Tuesday, as up to 175 participants marched in Tucson, Arizona.
From there, the group made stops in New Mexico on Wednesday; Austin, Texas Thursday, and on to
Houston by Friday, working with environmental groups and other non-profits along the way.

On Saturday, May 3rd and again on Tuesday, May 6th - their last day in the N.O. - some activists
were planning to work in a health clinic and others in a tree planting effort, work with Common
Ground on a wetlands restoration project or participate in an effort laying baseball fields at parks
destroyed by the flooding.

Major local media in New Orleans made no mention of the Caravan during their time there, and no one
from the organization has contacted KatrinaConnection.com. However, the latest report can be found
Sean Penn
"It's About More Than Just A Hurricane!"
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