Craigslist Posts Bash New Orleans & Survivors

One of the fruits of Katrina has been a crop of web blogs and forums that proliferated right after
the storm. Other sites (including this url) offered help, links, missing persons posts, etc. Since
that time most have folded, and several missing persons or help sites have turned into spam
advertising sites, with multiple links offering everything from diet pills to loans. However, one
site, the
Craigslist New Orleans Katrina forum in particular, appears to get regular posts.

In the weeks leading up to the 2007 holidays, several were postings seeking holiday help for
themselves or others. While some are positive comments on recovery, others are from people
obviously rambling about the situation in New Orleans, and simply racially & irrationally
provoking. Here is a current sampling of those who choose to offer negative, uninformed
opinions about New Orleans and recovery.

Not ONE DIME should be spent rebuilding anything < below-sea-level > 01/03

I been to new orleans once........ < 99cat_lover > 12/31
it was a s----y town full of s----y people. I rather visit Visit baghdad for 2 weeks. At least they
will speak better english and I dont have to worry about getting stabbed in hotel room. its a city
that was built by greedy slave traders and stupid architects and shitty football team. Screw them
and lets move Bourbon St to NYC and make it an amusement park. The rest of the city is a toilet
with living turds."

Enough Is Enough Is Enough < wtf7777 > 12/27
Enough with the hand outs down there in N.O. Katrina was like over two years ago and all I hear
is people from the black community complaining about the government and how they are helping.
It is time to help yourselves. Why is it that when I see a story on the news of people rebuilding a
black neighborhood, I do not see any black people re-building homes. They are all White or
Mexican. Fix your own problems, rebuild your own neighborhoods, and stop passing the buck on
to the taxpayers. The shame, the shame you should feel but, the true shame of the matter is that
you don't.

it will never stop < Katfish > 12/28
they are still bitching about slavery from 200 years ago and think we still owe them 40 acres and
a you think they will stop asking for handouts in 2 yrs?

They think the taxpayers (white people) owe them < staynvegas > 12/28
something. It was a natural disaster and they act like the government planned it. These people
have always expected handouts from the government and always will. Maybe one day they will
start working to help themselves but history shows they will not. I say no work no eat!!!

$30 a month housing with free utilities < 2dogs > 12/30
That is what people are paying for the housing project in the 9th ward. City council voted to
demolish and there were so many protesters.

enough < mustange289 > 12/18
isn't it about time katrina is behind us...grow up, get a job,or move.   

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