New Orleans Trailer Housing Ordinance To Be Enforced
FEMA posting notices, city wants trailers out by July 1

UPDATE (June 19, 2009): The New Orleans City Council has granted a three-month extension to
those living in Gentilly, New Orleans East, Lower 9th and Upper 9th Wards, specifically districts D
and E.

NEW ORLEANS (June 6, 2008) -- If you have a trailer or RV on property in New Orleans, the city
wants them gone by July 1, FEMA wants their trailers back now, and FEMA is posting notices on
their trailers in the city.

Cities and towns ravaged by Hurricanes Katrina or Rita, in conjunction with FEMA, are implementing
deadlines for hurricane survivors to remove temporary trailers from their properties.

As FEMA wraps up the closure of the FEMA trailer villages erected in the aftermath of Katrina,
beginning July 1 the City of New Orleans will again start enforcing zoning ordinances that make it
illegal to use trailers and recreational vehicles as temporary housing in Orleans Parish.

"As we approach the third anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and the flooding that followed, it is
important that our residents transition from trailers into safer, more permanent housing," said Dr. Ed
Blakely, Director of the city's Office of Recovery and Development Administration.

"While we understand that we must make exceptions in some cases, the elimination of trailers for
housing is a priority as we move toward the full recovery of our community", Blakely said.

FEMA's notice to trailer residents includes an affidavit that they must complete to certify they have
contacted FEMA for trailer removal. The affidavit must be signed, placed in an envelope, and
deposited in the lock box in the Office of Public Advocacy on the first floor of City Hall.

The forms can also be mailed to the Department of Safety and Permits, Zoning Administration Bureau,
1300 Perdido St., Room 7E05, New Orleans, LA 70112

Starting July 1, residents in violation will be cited, triggering an administrative hearing process, and
may be subject to a daily fine as well as eviction.

Extensions may be granted for residents who have documented "extenuating" circumstances. For
example, residents must show that they are in litigation with their insurance company; they have
applied for Road Home funds and are awaiting approval or a closing date; repairs are currently
underway with a targeted completion date; a loan has been secured and contract signed for repair or
reconstruction; or there are other special circumstances.

Residents who need more time before their trailers are removed should fill out the Trailer Extension
Request form included in the packet. The extension form must be completed by July 1.

Residents who live in FEMA issued trailers should contact the agency at or
1-888-294-2822 to have the trailer removed. For other questions, contact the City's information line at
311 or (504) 658-2299. People calling from outside the 504 area code may reach 311 by dialing
FEMA Trailers in St. Bernard, LA 12-2007  (katrina connection photo)
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